Can you set up Time Capsule wirelessly?

I want to use this in my bedroom upstairs from my wireless router. So I was wondering if you can set it up without connecting it to a cable modem or DSL?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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  • You can set it up without connecting it to anything at all. However, unless you don't have Internet access of any kind, that seems a bit unusual because you will have to keep joining different wireless networks to use Internet and Time Capsule services. If, as I suspect, you really want to set it up wirelessly *and* join your existing network, there's a bit more legwork to do; if the router downstairs is also made by Apple, it's considerably less, and if it isn't you'll have to check whether it's compatible with WDS and will be extendable by Apple products. It is also possible to have Time Capsule join your downstairs network *without* offering any extension upstairs, and this should work with almost all wireless networks to provide just the disk and printer services upstairs without enhancing your signal there.