Can you set heart rate zones?

Can you set heart rates zones, that will warn you if your heart rate drops below or above a certain limit?

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

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    Yes you can, but there are no audio warnings.

    In the Settings application under "Nike+iPod", link the transmitter, and then enable "Zone Workout". When you start any workout, a bpm range screen will appear just before the playlist selection. As mentioned, there is no audio zone indicator, only a graphical one in the form of an arrow next to the bpm display. This will unfortunately be invisible once the display goes to sleep. You can request a spoken report of current time, distance, pace, and bpm by pressing a button on the nano. This is lengthy, so I do prefer to still glimpse the bpm from my Polar receiver.