Can you save PC/Mac games onto the Capsule then play them on a different PC/Mac?

  • Asked by Lori H from Abingdon
  • May 19, 2010
QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    To the first portion of your question, YES, you can backup both PC and MAC games, as well as other types of files onto to a single Time Capsule.

    It is quite uncommon to be able to run a game designed for single user use on a PC, simultaneously on a Mac, or visa-versa. You cannot use a time capsule, or any other device, to transform software designed and licensed to you for use on a single computer, into software which will safely run in a multiuser environment. The exception is if the software was licensed such that you are free to use the software on any machine, but no more than one simultaneously.

    If you violate this allowance, you run the danger of corrupting the Games data files. And, you may render worthless any warranty or support you would have enjoyed prior to your non-compliance with the EULA. It would most certainly be prominently displayed on the retail packaging of the Game, if the game had been designed and licensed for use on both PC and Mac platforms, and even more exceptionally, if it allowed for the simultaneous use on both platforms. READ the EULA that is presented upon installation along with the users manual before attempting to operate any Game or software in such an uncommon configuration.

    • Answered by Kyle S from Summerland Key
    • Jul 5, 2010