can you run helicopter simulators

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac - Switch to Mac Edition

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac - Switch to Mac Edition

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  • Parallels runs a full version of Windows within OSX and includes support for DirectX, so I can see no reason why you couldn't. Bearing in mind, simulators tend to require plenty of RAM so you'll need to ensure you have enough RAM to allow OSX and your virtual machine (Windows) to breathe: I would allow >4GB over whatever is recommended for the simulator. Also, make sure the Mac's graphics card is up to the task: particularly that it has enough graphics memory to support the resolution you're looking for.

    Apple also offers (free) Boot Camp, which allows you to install Windows 7 onto a Mac and choose to start either Windows or OSX each time you start the machine. If you are planning to run processor/graphics-intensive applications this may be a better solution for you, since you're giving Windows direct access to the hardware.

    In either case, you will need to have your own, licensed copy of Windows that you can install onto the Mac.