can you remove the smart cover (front) easily? Or you have to release the back cover for that?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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    It is one entire unit, encompassing front and back.

  • The entire case is a single unit. You can fold the front cover back, but the only way to remove it is to remove the entire case.

  • It's all one piece, so the iPad pops into the bottom and the top folds like the smart cover.

  • It's all one piece. The cover doesn't come off by itself.

  • The cannot be separated because the front and back are all one piece. This is not a smart cover with an additional back piece, this is an entirely new product.

  • No you have to remove it all it's a bit tight

  • The 'smart cover' section of the iPad smart case cannot be removed without taking the back cover of the case off. The two are attached together and cannot be separated.

  • The whole case is one piece. So you will have to release the back also because the front is attached to the back.

  • The case is one piece, meaning the back and the cover are fuzed together. You would remove the entire case, not just the cover.

  • the case is one piece so the front can't be removed

  • You have to release the back cover since the whole case is one piece.

  • The smart case is one thing that doesn't come apart

  • The smart case is one piece, including protection for the front and back of your iPad 2 or 3rd generation iPad.

  • They are one piece, all or nothing, and it is takes effort to get the case off the iPad. The case actually comes up and slightly over the edge of the front glass, just enough to hold the iPad in place.

  • It is all 1 case and so it can not detach from eachother.

  • Its all one piece.

  • To use the iPad, it is the same magnetic hold as the Smart Cover - it releases from the screen with ease. In regards to removing the front from the back cover entirely - this is impossible, they are attached along the left side.

  • You can not remove the front from the back, it is all one piece with a flap smart cover that covers the screen. There is no longer a metal hinge with magnets like the original.

  • This is one piece case.

  • The case is stitched together, so you cant detach one part of from the other.