Can you plug in a microphone and record yourself singing in Logic Studio? And, can you plug in drums and guitars and record yourself playing?

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    Yes you can. Just use an SE Electronics USB Microphone which is excellent and it's so easy to set up, just plug it in and it automatically hooks up to Logic. The sound quality is brilliant and the SE Electronics USB2200a is used by many pro studios

  • You need an audio interface to get sound 'in' to Logic. Whilst all Mac's have an in-built microphone and headphone output as well as tiny in built speakers (The iMac's are bit better), they won't be very good for your needs.

    I suggest you have a look on the internet at one of the major stores and look at all the audio interfaces on offer and choose one according to your budget/needs.

    You will need a microphone if you wish to record vocals/acoustic guitar and if you wish to record drums you will need more than one (unless you want to record like Jack White and use just one ribbon mic as an overhead).

    As for an electric guitar or bass, you can plug that straight in with your jack lead and use the Amps that Logic has.