can you have multiple time capsules on the same network?

Looking to replace my first gen Time Capsule with a newer model with more HDD and dual-band capacity. Can I keep my old TC on the network when I upgrade to the new one and put the old one in bridge mode to expand the wireless network? And can I backup to BOTh devices, either redundantly or assigning different devices to different TC’s?

In terms of dual-band, am I better off using the old TC to create a separate network for b/g devices and use the new one exclusively for n devices, or will the new one handle dual-band adequately so the b/g signals won’t slow down n devices?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Hi there,

    You can have more than one time capsule on a network - however your mac can only be set up to back up to one time capsule at a time.

    As for setting up one time capsule on one band (b/g) and the other on N, there is really no point. The new time capsule is set up to be dual band from get go - what devices are using your network will more stipulate what you should do with the second time capsule (i.e. the 'bridge' or 'extender' time capsule).

    If you only have devices capable of using the 5Ghz N band, I would just stick with this as your 'bridge' band for the older time capsule. Let the new time capsule be the dual band emitter, and use this for iPhones, etc.

    If, however, you mainly have older computers not capable of using the 5Ghz N network, or if your network is mainly iPhones, iPads and other b/g devices, then I would stick to these bands for your 'bridge' network, and just have your mac on the N band for its high speed time capsule stuff.

    Also, don't forget that you can use your time capsule's hard drive as a remote access 'server'. You can also plug additional storage into the usb ports which can be wirelessly accessed across your network.

    Hope this helps!