Can you charge two iphones at once?

Since there's two different TYPES of ports, does it matter? Can you charge two iPhones at once? I guess I don't understand the difference between the ports - but one is supposed to be for things like ipads - but could you instead use it for a second iPhone? I want to make sure it wouldn't hurt it or anything if you plugged it in the other port.

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Just Mobile Highway Pro Charger

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  • Yes, you can safely charge two iPhones with this model charger.The iPhone will only draw the power it needs to charge, not the maximum power suppled by the "iPad" port.

    They are the same *type* of port - USB. However one is capable of suppling more current than the other, for charging the much larger battery in the iPad. The iPhones smaller battery doesn't need as much current to charge. Having two higher-powered USB ports might mean a larger, more expensive charger, and not everybody will need to charge two iPads or other heavy-duty devices.

    You may find that the iPhone charges slightly faster in the higher-powered port, though.