Can you charge the ipad in a car at all

if you had an invertor would the adaptor work with it to charge the ipad

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Yes, there are special charges. Most iPhone chargers have not the required 10W though and the iPad shows "not charging" - in reality, it charges really slow. But there are 3rd party chargers such as Garmin which actually charge with 10W and plug into the cigarette plugs. If they only mention the iPhone, do not buy it if it is for a iPad. Now, you are not supposed to use these for the iPhone since it is charging with a higher wattage but I do it anyways. It charges an iPhone withing half the normal time (iPhone gets warm).

  • There are two options, the best one is the iPhone car charger. Just use the cord you use to charge. Mine has a cover over the USB port. I also have a charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter that has two wall type outlets. I had this before the iPhone came out, and I originally bought it so I could use my heating pad on long trips because my husband fished the professional ESPN Bass Tournaments. When we got our iPhones we used it to charge one of our iPhones while the other was being charged with the Apple iPhone charger in the front cigarette lighter!

  • Sure, you just use one of many iPhone car chargers that are available. Mine uses the standard USB power cable supplied with iDevices.