can two children play with two sphero balls at the same time in the same household, as long as they each have their own mac device?

Limited Edition Sphero 2.0

Limited Edition Sphero 2.0

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    Absolutely! Each Sphero will pair via bluetooth with an iOS device (iPod, iPhone, or iPad).

    Download the free Sphero app on each iOS device and pair each ball to a separate device. You can pair as many as you want to separate devices, and each ball can display a separate color so the users can tell them apart.

    Happy Spehro'ing!

  • Yes!

    Each Sphero is a bluetooth device that pairs with one machine at a time -- so if you have multiple Spheros and devices, you can have a Sphero for each device, or you can have multiple Spheros attached to the same device.

  • of course! you can also download sphero tag which allows you to chase each other, you can use iOS and Android