Can "Time Machine" use the internal 2-TB drive in a Timecapsule to backup an external 1-TB USB Disk that is connected to Timecapsule?

The intent is to use the external 1-TB USB disk as NAS to store large seldom needed files vs. keeping them on a Apple Laptop.

The Timecapsule will serve two purposes.
1) Serve as the access point for the 1-TB USB NAS disk for the wireless connected Apple Laptop.
2) Serve as a backup point with its internal 2-TB via "Time Machine" for both the wireless connected Apple laptop and the external 1-TB USB disk.

"Time Machine" running on the Apple laptop would be tasked with backing up the Laptop's internal 300-GB disk and the 1-TB USB NAS disk to the Timecapsule's internal 2-TB disk.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Sorry for the error in my previous answer. No, Time Machine can not backup an NAS, nor any network drive.

    A Mac's internal hard disks and locally connected external hard disks, if all formatted for a Mac, can be backed up by Time Machine to a properly sized Time Capsule plus USB connected hard disks (with a powered hub if more than one).

  • Best Answer:

    Apple says this setup will not work.
    "Time Machine" will only backup a system's internal drive to Timecapsule.