Can Time Capsule be used for storage and backups at the SAME time?

Can i use Time Capsule as an expansion of my storage as well as to back up my mac at the same time or do i need to choose one of these options as the function of Time Capsule?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, it's possible. However, the problem is that a Time Capsule can not be partitioned, and that the Time Machine software performs "incremental backups" which means it will eventually try to use all the Time Capsule's hard drive space.

    While it is possible to FIRST setup a storage file of a defined, designated size in your Time Capsule PRIOR to initiating Time Machine, this may very well not be as flexible as you estimate, or as you hope.

    You'd have more flexibility by connecting to the Time Capsule an external USB hard drive (or a bare hard drive in a simple USB enclosure).