Can Time Capsule back up a PC running Windows Vista?

Both of our family's MacBooks AND my wife's PC are able to use Time Capsule wireless signal with no problems.

The Macs are effortlessly backed up by the Time Capsule using Time Machine.

But even after installing Airport Utility onto the PC using the DVD/CD that came with the Time Capsule, the PC's Airport Utility can't find my Time Capsule. Page 18 of my little Time Capsule Setup Guide shows the PC being able to do this, so maybe something is wrong.

Is it possible for Time Capsule to automatically back up ALL our computers, both Mac and PC?

Thank you.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    SyncToy - a free download will allow you to do this (I'm doing it in Win 7 but assume it works with Vista), but not as elegantly as time machine. You essentially set up 2 folders to sync and it keeps files there. On Windows 7 you can then set up a script - as described in the Help File for SyncToy - that automatically launches and does the sync once a week (or whenever you want it to).

  • we can access the timecapsule space from our pc but we cant use it as a auto-backup device for PC