can this sound system can be connected to your tv

bose companion5 multimedia speaker system

Bose® Companion® 5 Multimedia Speaker System

Bose® Companion® 5 Multimedia Speaker System

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    I own this set of speakers. The only way you can connect the Bose Companion 5 (BC5) is via the 3.5mm mini jack. Most televisions do not have the capability of passing sound via their USB ports (if they even have one).

    What I did is find an RCA to Mini Jack converter cable, this will allow you to plug into your audio out on your television and connect directly to your BC5. (Tricky part is that you still need to adjust the sound via the BCA dial and not the TV, unless your television doesn't do a pre out RCA)

    If your television only has optical audio out (toslink), then the passthrough gets a bit more tricky. You will need the following:

    1. A Toslink cable to connect from your TV to a converter (mentioned in #2)
    2. A Toslink to Coax (RCA) converter. Easily purchased online or at an electronics store i.e. Radioshack.
    3. Finally you will need an RCA to to Mini Jack converter cable.

    For this you connect the Toslink (optical audio) cable from the TV to the Converter, and then using the RCA to Minijack connect the Converter to the BC5. Again the tricky part is that you still need to adjust the sound via the BCA dial and not the TV)

  • Yes, I have these speakers and its really easy to connect them to other sources. I have mine connected to my LG tv via the Headphone socket,which after searching for ages was on the side.
    Just set the Bose control pod to 80% volume and then to control the volume you can use your TV remote.
    If your TV has no Headphone socket then you will need to look for the Audio Out RCA jacks which are red and white and use them to connect to the system, but that will mean you need to use the control pod to adjust the volume each time.