Can this RAID system be used both as a Time Machine disk and as a hard drive storage disk for independent files?

Rocstor 4TB Arcticroc 2T 2-Bay Tower RAID System (Quad Interface)

Rocstor 4TB Arcticroc 2T 2-Bay Tower RAID System (Quad Interface)

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    yes; Like any external disks that are setup with timemachine you can still use the drive like a normal external drive. However its better if you use diskutility and create two partitions so that you can keep timemachine on one and one partition for whatever else you want

  • Hi Richard,
    Yes, I have mine partitioned just as the other answer points out and it works very well. My only suggestion would use cation when using any type of power saving settings that would frequently put the drive to sleep. Though nothing was lost, I had a little data degradation when I allowed the iMac I have the Rocstor connected to, go to sleep, while also waking on network requests (which is a lot on my network setup). It's nothing to do with the Rocstor, since I've experienced similar issues with the Seagate 1T drive I have connected to the same iMac... Simply put these large fast drives do not like being spun up and down continually, they like being used.