Can this external hard drive download directly from iTunes?

So the question is, if something is on the hard drive, does it have to be uploaded to the computer to watch it on iTunes, or can it be read right off of the drive hooked up to the network. Also can you watch items on the hard drive from Apple TV?

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G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE High-Performance Hard Drive

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    Short answer:

    Long answer:
    As long as iTunes knows where it is, you can watch it on iTunes. So if you have media on your external hard drive, you just have to add it to iTunes either by dragging the folder/files to iTunes or "iTunes > add to library."

    Under iTunes preferences, check to see if iTunes is automatically copying stuff into your iTunes folder when you add it to your library. You can tell it not to and it will just read from the hard drive. Theoretically anything in your iTunes library can be streamed to Apple TV as long as its a format that iTunes can play.

    Alternatively you can just make your iTunes media folder stay on your external hard drive.

    The choice is yours.