Can this (dual drive) be set us as RAID 1 option (of 2 TB) for use in FCP - Or would I need two separate Drives?

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

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    The G-RAID is hardware RAID 0, and appears to the system as a single 4GB drive. You'll need two separate drives if you want to do RAID 1.

  • As Kenneth says, this drive only supports RAID 0 (striping) and not RAID 1 (mirroring). But the G-Technology G-Speed drives are fully RAID configurable, so you could choose that as an alternative if you wanted RAID 1 or RAID 5. It's not necessary to buy separate drives and configure a software-based RAID in OS X.

  • Yes you can do a software Raid 1 but the problem is there is no warning if the first drive fails until both drives fail. So its pointless.