Can this drive work in RAID 1 configuration? Spec says hardware is RAID 0; I would prefer to duplicate data, not just interlace a single copy of it.

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

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    As far as I can tell, RAID 0 is the only option available.

  • If this drive can only run as RAID 0 you'd be crazy to commit 2TB of your best HD Aroll. if one drive fails ypu lose everything. Statistically with two drives your MTBF halves . RAID 1 mirror for storage, RAID 0 for speed. If you have a G5 then install two Hitachi 1TB Deckstars and configure as RAID 0 but backup to a couple of external FW800s configured as RAID 0. What a pity the G5 does not have five drive bays.