Can this drive be partitioned so that half could be used for time machine backups & the other half be used for external storage (moves/music etc)?

Want to know if this drive (or any drive) is capable of performing the below:

1. Time Machine Backups
2. General Storage

Is this even possible for an external hard drive to do?

G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE High-Performance Hard Drive

G-Technology 3TB G-DRIVE High-Performance Hard Drive

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes you can use this for Time Machine backups and general storage together. Go to applications/utilities/disk utility and you can partition your G-Drive. I have my partition at 500GB for Time Machine and 1.5TB for general storage.

  • Yes, it is possible to make separate partitions on any drive and use one for Time Machine. This is possibly a better way of using one drive for storage and Time Machine, because Time Machine will just keep filling up the drive until it runs out of space, so a separate partition will control its appetite.

  • yep when you back it up using time machine you will see a folder with time machine backup written on it if you copy content into a different folder on the drive it will not affect the time machine backup.