Can this charge and sync an iPad (on a PC) at the same time?

For now, I either use my iPad USB cable to sync with my PC (and I am unable to charge) or I use the 10W power adapter to charge (and I am unable to sync). Does this dock has some kind of dual connection at the back that allows to connect at the same time to a USB port of a PC and at the same time to a strong power source?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    No -- the back of the iPad dock has just two connectors, one for the standard Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad USB cable and one for speakers. As you have learned, that USB cable can either be connected to your PC or to the charger. Because computer manufacturers (even Apple) did not anticipate having a device that pulls as much current as the iPad, most USB ports were designed for 0.5 amp output (the iPad charger is rated at 2.2 amps). Many later model machines have been designed with sufficient output to charge higher current devices such as smart phones and iPads, but at a much slower rate than the dedicated charger.

  • No you can't charge the ipad through a computer as the current isn't high enough