Can this be used with the Smart Cover still attached?

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    You can't have the case fully on. You would need to fold the case a little away to the other side of the ipad.

  • It doesn't fit very well. You have to guide the leather to be pinched between the dock plastic and the iPad. Even then you need to push it down pretty firmly to get it connected. In that position, the cover cant be opened while docked. The other option is to let the smart cover bulge out in front of the dock. I'd rather not leave the screen uncovered to get dusty. I was really hoping the dock would be a great quick way to sync/charge daily while keeping the screen covered with the smart cover. I'm a little disappointed it doesn't work perfectly together. This is the black leather cover.

  • You can however use the iPad 1 dock with many cases including the iPad 2 smart cover.

  • Yep. Have mine attached to the iPad 2 while it's syncing right now. I have the black leather one but I'd assume none of them would have a problem.

  • Yes it can, I do it all the time. The trick (if you can call it a trick) is to simply open the cover while placing the iPad in the dock. Then the cover can be closed, folding around the front of the dock, over the front of the iPad for an almost perfect fit so it's function of automatically putting the iPad to sleep also still works.

  • The lip on the front of the dock looks like it's the same height as the Dock Connector, which on the iPad 1 Dock was maybe half a centimeter tall. This means that that lip would overlap with about a half a centimeter of the iPad 2. Since the iPad seems to be flush with this lip, I don't think the Smart Cover would stay on nicely.

  • Yes, since the Smart Covers only attach at the sides, but I don't think you can close it in the dock. Either way, the cover only takes seconds to attach or remove, so it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Yes, but you cannot close the smart cover

  • No. If the SmartCover is on you have to force the connection to get the iPad to seat in the dock and even then it's intermittent. You also have to choose between charging and syncing with the dock, it doesn't seem to be able to do both which is highly disappointing :( Not impressed at all with this design.

  • According to the pictures it does not seem so .

  • Yes. The whole idea of the smart cover is to not add additional thickness so it could work on all accessories.