Can this be used while the iPad is in the Apple iPad Case?

I suspect the answer is no, but it would be nice to know before buying.

Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Dock

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    Your suspicions are correct, the answer is no. It lines up as if it would, but it will not seat completely due to the seam that protrudes around the edge of the case.

  • The sad part is.... It won't work with any case:(. I have the soft gel case on my iPad and had to cut and modify the case to fit on the dock

  • Nope. Very disappointing.

  • Not it cannot, you will need to remove it from the case.

  • No, frustratingly, it does not. This should be noted in the product description of the iPad case as it is not practical to repeatedly remove and reinstall the iPad in the Apple iPad Case. If you like the Apple iPad Case, don't bother with the Dock: I have a Dock that I now don't really use because of the Case.

    The only case that I've found that works with the Dock is the Speck Candyshell which is too pricey and too bulky for me. I'm using a Macally Bookstand case which snaps on at the corners so it's more practical for Dock use (but still a pain.)

  • No.

  • Most people seem to be saying that it will not work with the Apple case but have you tried the beautiful and slim fitting Incipio Feather case? I feel sure it will work as the profile adds less than 1mm to the iPad's dimensions and access to all buttons and ports is clear. It's a beautifully engineered case and one I can highly recommend.