Can this be connected to my MACbook via a wireless router?

I would rather not have this connected directly to my MacBook. I have a wireless router by lynksys. I am looking to use this to house my many music, photos and videos and have my MacBook look their for those files rather then the local drive. Can this be done and how do you suggest I connect it?

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

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  • Some wireless routers include a USB 2.0 port to connect to an external disk drive, which allows that external disk to be shared over the network. The G-RAID includes a USB 2.0 port and cable; connection to a USB-equipped wireless router is simply "plug & play".

    You'll need to check the specs for your particular Linksys router to see if it has a USB 2.0 port and otherwise supports connection to, and sharing of, an external disk drive.

    If your current Linksys router doesn't support this, Apple (among others) supports external hard drives on their Airport Express, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule wireless base stations.