Can the Time Capsule share the Internet connection from a cable modem (plugged into TC's WAN port) to other computers via Ethernet?

In other words: can I setup TC as an Internet Sharing device for the rest of the network via Ethernet? (similar to what Windows Internet Connection Sharing does)

My cable modem would plug in to the TC WAN port and I'm hoping I can set the TC up so it shares the cable modem's Internet connection to the rest of the network. The purpose being that I don't have a router (the cable modem has no router capability) and thus far I had to use a computer running 24/7 to share the internet connection.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes. Thats probably the easiest way as there is no duplication of functionality. Your cable modem just handles the internet connection and the Time Capsule does things like NAT and DHCP server to "share" the connection. These are things that all-in-one "routers" do. Remember the Time Capsule is also a Router, thats what the LAN ports are. I have a similar set-up, in my case an ADSL modem rather than a cable modem. That then serves 4 computers wired and wireless. Have a browse of the set-up guide (online) before you buy.

  • yes this is possible as the Time Capsule has a built in Router