Can the time capsule be used to extend the wireless range of my router witnought plugging in a network cable

I have a bt router which transmits a week wireless signal to the first floor of my house.
Is It possible to use the time capsule to extend the range of my network and put it on the first floor witnought connecting it to my bt home hub.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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  • It's not clear if you're using Fibre Optic Broadband or not, but perhaps my recent (last 18 months) experience can help a little.

    I had problems with BT HomeHub2 - i.e the item supplied by BT as part of their NON-Fibre Optic broadband service. I wrongly diagnosed the problem. I, like you seem to be doing, thought the solution lay in an extender to the wireless signal that would strengthen it and provide wireless coverage to the most remote parts of the house (which isn't that big!). I bought a Netgear WN2000RPT Extender, advertised and sold by BT as being compatible with their router/modem equipment.

    It failed to solve my problem. The issue lay with the BTHomeHub2 wireless capability. After successful installation of the Netgear unit, the Netgear did what it was supposed to and I got a good strong wireless connection in remote locations.
    HOWEVER - the BT HomeHub2 wireless signal was so weak, it wasn't always picked up by the Netgear Extender, which was left with no data feed to transmit onwards!!

    I resolved my issue by buying a Belkin N600DB, dual band Wireless "n" enabled modem/router. Never looked back. Didn't need the Netgear Extender at all.

    Six months later I bought a new iMac and a 2TB Time Capsule, using the latter as a wireless networked hard-drive only, but still using the Belkin modem/router and ran like that for 6 months, with zero connectivity issues whatsoever.

    Finally relented and upgraded to BT Infinity - Fibre Optic broadband. They installed their HomeHub3, which is fed by ethernet cable via separate BT Openreach FO modem. Wireless coverage was fine all over the house. A BIG improvement on the HomeHub2. However, I then had the option of replacing the BTHomeHub3 (it's a router only - no modem function) with the Apple Time Capsule and dispensing with the HomeHub3, releasing it for back up spare use. I can now get the full functionality of the Time Capsule which is also providing good wireless coverage all over the house.

  • I understand that some BT Home Hub models support WDS, from a Google search. But in the event that messing about with telnet isn't your cup of tea, there's in my opinion a simpler and better answer: just buy a second Express (or Extreme or Time Capsule). Wire that downstairs into your HH or, if you have fibre, straight into your OpenReach box. (If you do not have fibre, I recommend that you substitute the HH for a DrayTek 120, but some people will probably consider this overkill.) Now, the upstairs Express can extend the downstairs one using WDS, and provide Ethernet too (for your games consoles or whatever).