Can the Squire Strat access all sounds in Garageband?

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Can this guitar access all the instruments in Garageband (ie directly play piano or saxophone from the guitar) or can I only record the guitar sound from the USB output?

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

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    No, this is not a MIDI guitar. This is a real guitar which was simply given the mini-USB feature to digitalise the sounds you play into a device like an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

    You can choose from an excellent range of amps in Garageband, when selecting the Amp instrument at the beginning (or as new track), and add lots of customisable effects through virtual FX pedals.

    I don't think there is a point of using a guitar to control synths and other instruments anyway. You're better off buying yourself a MIDI keyboard controller. I use both and sometimes the on-screen keyboard instrument of the iPad too.