Can the PocketFinder be used indoors? Will it locate a person inside of a building?

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator (Powered by LBT)

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    The answer is, it depends. In order for GPS to work, PocketFinder needs to be able to see the sky. So the more windows a structure has, the more likely the device will locate indoors. For instance, my device works well in my house, but I have a lot of windows. If, however, you're in a movie theater or indoor mall, it you might have more trouble receiving a locate.

    Also keep in mind that PocketFinder needs cell signal as well, so if you can't send a text message with your phone, then the device probably won't be able to transmit the GPS location.

  • I use PocketFinders with my kids by putting them in their backpacks and they locate great as they walk down the street, while on the bus and even in their classrooms. My locators also work inside my home to where I can see what room I am in.

    That said, it depends on your area. It won't be able to locate from a basement, an underground parking structure or from inside a metal tool box for example. The PocketFinder utilizes GPS, AGPS and AT&T's enhanced cell ID to get the best locates possible.

    While traveling for business I've also found that some commercial buildings will have a film on the windows that block GPS signals and sometimes when on a middle floor of a multistory commercial building and not close to a window my iPhone and Pocketfinder would show me just outside of the building. It's built with a high quality ceramic antenna instead of the typical wire antenna's which definitely also increases accuracy and when you have your power setting at 2 minute locates it's real easy to see from the history tab the breadcrumb trail what building your child entered.