Can the phone be easily removed from the iphone plastic bed?

I would idealy like to use the phone while out of the case and move around with it in the case. Will I be able to get the phone in and out of the plastic slots easily?

HEX Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5

HEX Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5

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    In a word, no. The case holds the phone very well but the flipside of this is that it's pretty difficult to get the phone out of the case again...

  • The short answer is no, it isn't that easy to remove the phone. On the other hand, you know it isn't going to pop out on its own. I've had mine long enough now to know you will rarely ever take it out, at least it's rare for me.

  • It looks like some people have had problems but, if you just try one corner then in the middle then the lower or upper corner of the same side, it shouldn't be a problem. I didn't find it difficult at all... And I bite my nails lol...To the person that broke two nails, I would think that you would need really weak nails or use fake nails in order to break one.