Can the output of the iRig be run to a multitrack recorder?

I am thinking of using the iRig to run some guitar sounds to an SD-card-based multitrack recorder, which takes 1/4" or XLR inputs. Can one run the audio out of the iRig into said SD device? The answer to this question will decide whether or not I will purchase this hardware.


AmpliTube iRig

AmpliTube iRig

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    Yes, you'll need a 1/8" stereo to 2 x 1/4" mono adaptor. Inside the little iRig box is a guide that will show you the right cable to use. I've done it and it sounds pretty nice!

  • If your multitrack recorder uses a 1/8 inch connecter like your headphones uses then it will work. All you need to do is take an 1/8 inch aux cable, plug one end into the headphone jack on the iRig and the other into your multitrack recorder.