can the ipod touch work through samsung dlna network

Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch

Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack for iPod touch

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    No!!! Sry.

  • Hi JM:

    I have a Samsung LN52A850 LCD HDTV and it has the DLNA feature that you're asking about.

    I'm able to plug my 4GB SanDisk USB storage device to the Samsung and it reads the photos contained therein.

    If you plug your Apple iPod touch to the Samsung using the USB charging cable, it might work but I'd contact Samsung Support before you do it. You don't want to damage either device with the connection..

    When I connect my Apple iPod touch (2nd Gen) to my laptop (XP Home) without opening up the Apple iTunes program, the computer recognizes the iPod with a "camera" icon and it shows the name of the device. It also recognizes all the photos in the iPod's "Saved Photos" folder. (It does not recognize any other photos stored in other folders on the iPod; and it doesn't recognize any other media stored in the iPod.)

    Maybe the same thing would happen if you connected the iPod to your Samsung.

    I'm not gonna try's a lot cheaper to use a USB storage device.