Can the dock play my iphone music through my mac pro speakers?

I'd like to listen to my iPhone's music and playlists through the speakers connected to my office Mac Pro. Will the line out from the dock play through the Mac Pro?

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    Plug your iPhone into your Mac Pro using the sync cable or using a dock and sync cable. Open iTunes. Look on the left side directory pane under Devices. Click on the tiny triangle to the left of your iPhone and the directory will expand downward with all your iPhone's playable content. You can select whatever and itunes will read it and play it directly off your iPhone directly and of course, through your Mac Pro speakers. You can also share your iPhone with other computers using iTunes over your local network in the same way if iTunes sharing is turned on, even older DRM music is supported. These days iTunes music is DRM free.

  • If you want to run an audio cable from the line out of the dock into the line in for your Mac Pro. Then you can use an app on your Mac called Line In by Rogue Amoeba to route the audio to your speakers. I've used this to play audio from a PC Doc through my iMac. Works really well.

  • I can plug in my iPhone 3G (most recent OS) - that I sync with my Windows laptop - into my work Mac Pro and my iPhone will play through the Mac, although you can't make playlists, sort by artist/album/track title, etc. You have basic controls over what you play. Although it seems to random shuffle if you leave it alone. You can use the Search function to limit what appears in the list, though.

  • Yes, You can play music and videos from your iPhone through the computer you normally sync with. For DRM reasons you can not play music through other computers. With this method you will be controlling your music through iTunes.

    If you do not normally sync your iPhone 4 with your Mac Pro you will need to plug the speakers directly into the Audio Out on the back of the dock, you might be able to rig up a splitter for this. With this method you will be controlling music right on the phone, instead of through iTunes.