Can the display charge a MacBook on your desk and be connected to a Mac Pro at the same time? The combined cable segments look too short!

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

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    This should be possible. The connectors are all ~10.5" from where the cable splits. That should give you 20+ inches between the connections. If everything connects on the left side near the back, put the MB to the left and a bit forward of the MBP. The MagSafe's 90° angle should work to your advantage.

  • Yes you can but you will need a MDP extension cable if your Pro is below desk. I have two 27's set up on my Mac Pro one with an MDP extension one without. The one with the extension is connected above the desk with the magsafe trailing to charge Macbook. Also easy to disconnect MDP ext if you want to use 27 with Macbook, I also added USB ext, the cable on the other is long enough to reach Mac Pro on its own.


  • Nope. It didn't reach for me. The length of the Magsafe cable from where the three cables meet up (Mini displayport, usb and magsafe) is about 10.5"

    If you have your macbook sitting really close to the back of the mac pro, you MIGHT just reach it, but in my case, it didn't work.

    Looking for Magsafe extensions only led me to "hacked" cables selling for $100+ so I didn't want to go that route.

    Sorry! If you find a solution, let me know!

  • You mean two different laptops right?

    The answer is no. That's assuming you want to be looking at both laptops!

    It is perfectly possible if you turn the second laptop to face away from you (perhaps when closed). I often do this. But it is impossible if the two laptops are side by side facing you.

    The three cable "legs" are eleven and a half inches long from the collector. (29 cm.)