Can the Apple Mic and Headset be used on a PC (computer, not MAC)

I was wondering if the apple mic can be used on a PC to make commentaries.
There are people on youtube who talk during the video with mics they plug in to the computer. I saw a tutorial of how to get Sony Vegas, and the person was on the computer the whole time, and he obviously used Windows Movie Maker or something to record this video and he used some sort of mic to record his voice. Can the Apple Remote and Mic be used for this also?

  • Asked by Rahman A from Lilburn
  • Jul 5, 2010
Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

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    YES! I used my apple earphones on a Lenovo S10 with Windows XP and they could record auido on Audacity. Other than that, i havn´t tried with other programs.

    • Answered by Mau R from New Orleans
    • Nov 10, 2010
  • you can use with any computer but the problem is if the computer has two ports 1 port for headset and other for mic then you cant use both at once other wise it works

    • Answered by Bingun D from Las Vegas
    • Jan 29, 2011
  • Yes. I use this product on a couple of Dell laptops - for example, for Skype. Mic works really well. Excellent sound quality.

    • Answered by Adam M
    • Oct 3, 2010
  • I just used these earphones on my laptop and the mic. works perfectly fine. IDK maybe my computer is special or something.

    • Answered by Joel D from Batavia
    • Jul 21, 2010
  • yes

    • Answered by Phuong T
    • Sep 12, 2011
  • You may use the earphones on your PC but the mic or the volume work.
    I use my earphones for my PC and my I pod.
    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by 3
    • Jul 10, 2011