Can the Airport Extreme be an access point in a 11g network while maintaining and routing 11n traffic to the 11g router connected to the internet?

I have a linksys 54gl wireless router as the foundation of my current home network. I still have some devices that only support 11g but more and more support 11n. I want to stream video content to my bluray player (LG390) so I'm thinking I'd hardwire it to an 11n router (like the AE) with either a usb drive or NAS attached to it for all of the video content. I'd update the storage via the 11n wireless connection from my iMac but would also want my Mac to be able to get out to the internet on the 11g router. Would AE be able to act as a 11n access point for the 11n devices and router to the 11g network for internet access and access from the 11g devices?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Airport Extreme allow simultaneous dual-band connecting, i.e. a g enabled device can used it together with an n enabled device.

  • Ok - I may have answered my own question. The ultimate question was really "Can the AE route to an 11g router - in my case a Linksys WRT54GL"? It seems it can as both the AE and the linksys support WDS which is required for wireless routing between routers. Not all routers support WDS but it seems I'm in luck here...

    There are many articles on the net that explain this and how to do it - my search arguments were - apple airport extreme wds linksys - .Hope this helps many others.