Can the Airport Extreme Base Station REPLACE my SKY router?  I am subscribed to Sky, and was wondering if this is possible?  Many thanks

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Unfortunately the answer is no. And sort of yes. Read on!

    Within the Sky router there is a username and a password that it uses to connect to Sky services and you would have to know this to be able to replace the router. Sky will not give you this information (I have tried), however, there is a way around it.

    You can connect your Airport Base Station to the router via ethernet cable and surf through the base station over Wifi instead.

    You could then go into the Sky router itself by plugging in via ethernet an turn off the Wifi. Now it just acts as a switch with password access to Sky services.

    Now hide the Sky box away and have the gorgeous Airport Extreme Base Station on display.

  • On it's own it cannot, you will need a ADSL Modem as well (can be bought quite cheaply). The ADSL Modem will replace your SKY Modem/Router, then you plug the new modem into the Airport Extreme. I setup a competitors N router at a home office today, and by lord I wished I'd got another Airport instead.

  • I have just spoken to sky broadband and asked if I can use my airport extreme instead of the router they supplied and they said that I could. They gave me the log in info i.e username and password so I'm sure that you can do it.


  • Generally speaking the AirPort is a router so it could replace the one you have. However, some internet service providers do not support it so contacting SKY would be your best bet for finding out. Just ask them if they support Apple's AirPort Extreme Base Station.