Can the AirPlane adapter work "off the AC power grid" that is:  using a 60 watt (3.6 Amps at 15.4) foldable solar battery charger.

I have a foldable solar battery charger made by PowerFilm (model F15-3600/F15-3600N). this charges a universal electronics charger, model: Impel by Brunton. It has a Lithium Polymer recharable battery that has selectable outputs: 5V@600mA ( it's USB), or 12V@ 3800mA (46W)Max, or 16V @ 3500 mA (56W) Max, or 19V @ 3200mA (60W)Max all with auto shut-off feature. The capacity for Impel is 146Wh.

It seems from reading your questions/awswers that the adapter for Apples Airport cable adapter is indeed a "standard male cigarette lighter type plug and that if I select the 16v or 19v option on my Impel it should work.
Will either the 16 or 19v work, or will the 19v fry the MacBook Pro?

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

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    I tried doing exactly this and fried my MacBook Pro battery by using 19v. DON'T DO IT. 16v seems to work fine.

  • I would expect this to work. I am purchasing the airplane adaptor for use with a PowerGorilla, which has similar specs to your PowerFilm. It is intended to be used with the included cigarette-lighter style adaptor, but run at 16V. I'm not sure if 19V would fry it or not, but why bother finding out? 16V should work fine.