Can the AirPlane adapter work "off the AC power grid" that is:  using a 60 watt (3.6 Amps at 15.4) foldable solar battery charger.

I have a foldable solar battery charger made by PowerFilm (model F15-3600/F15-3600N). this charges a universal electronics charger, model: Impel by Brunton. It has a Lithium Polymer recharable battery that has selectable outputs: 5V@600mA ( it's USB), or 12V@ 3800mA (46W)Max, or 16V @ 3500 mA (56W) Max, or 19V @ 3200mA (60W)Max all with auto shut-off feature. The capacity for Impel is 146Wh.

It seems from reading your questions/awswers that the adapter for Apples Airport cable adapter is indeed a "standard male cigarette lighter type plug and that if I select the 16v or 19v option on my Impel it should work.
Will either the 16 or 19v work, or will the 19v fry the MacBook Pro?

  • Asked by Cindy R from Brookings
  • Jun 12, 2010
Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

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    I tried doing exactly this and fried my MacBook Pro battery by using 19v. DON'T DO IT. 16v seems to work fine.

    • Answered by David B from Beaverton
    • Apr 28, 2011
  • I would expect this to work. I am purchasing the airplane adaptor for use with a PowerGorilla, which has similar specs to your PowerFilm. It is intended to be used with the included cigarette-lighter style adaptor, but run at 16V. I'm not sure if 19V would fry it or not, but why bother finding out? 16V should work fine.

    • Answered by Elliot L from Birmingham
    • Jun 20, 2010