Can someone please confirm this device is ideal for my intended use

Hi All, New Mac products but loving it. Here's my intended use.
Connect Airport Extreme wirelessly to my current ADSL wireless router, add an existing external hard drive where I plan to store all my music, photos, movies, home movies etc such that they can be accessed by all my various machines running iTunes (MBP 15") Dell desktop PC and Vaio laptop. Each individual machine can then stream wirelessly to my ATV? I also plan to use this existing external HDD to backup my mac using TimeMachine. Final use would be to plug in my all in one printer / scanner / fax machine. Is this the right device, given that I already have an HDD or am I better off spending the extra money on the 2Tb or 3Tb Time Capsule, which I guess does the same as the above but with build in hard drive....
Or have I got it wrong?
ta muchly ;-)
MBP 15" 2.2GHz i7 500 SATA Disk, 4Gb RAM, iPhone 4S 16Gb

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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  • I think you will find using one media repositary for iTunes libraries on multiple computers is a bad idea. Any changes made on one computer will not be reflected on the others as the iTunes media library files exist on each computer. You may be able to come up with a solution using Dropbox for the library files but it's generally not recommended..

    However if you set iTunes up on one computer using the remote drive and enable home sharing on the other computers they will still all be able to control playback of the library but of course the "master" computer would need to be always on..

    iTunes Match would overcome the problem of needing to leave the "master"computer on as once the library has been matched to iCloud you can then add the other computers to iTunes match and they will all see the same library. Any music added to any of the computers will be matched and available to the rest. They will all need to be on the same iTunes account.

    The printer set up should work fine although you may find network scanning a bit hit and miss depending on the make and model.

    If you want to use the HDD for Time Machine as well you would be better to partition the disk, although not essential, it keeps things organised. I dont believe you can partition a Time Capsule disk.

    Hope this helps.