Can someone please confirm if this supports 802.11n (2.4Ghz only [802.11bn]) or 802.11g? tl;dr, is it 802.11n?

I know this 2.4Ghz only, but is it 802.11bn or 802.11g, the answer determines how much of an impact it'll have on a well implement wireless network.

Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay Wireless Music System

Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay Wireless Music System

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    To use your Wireless Music Systems AirPlay feature with a wireless N router, ensure the router is broadcasting using a wireless G (802.11g) signal, or a mixed variant including wireless G. Most routers will have this enabled automatically.
    Wireless Music Systems are not compatible with Wireless N (802.11n).

    This is cut and pasted, directly from Bowers & Wilkins' website (support section)
    I hope this helps.

    Update 06/02/2014
    We've just had our broadband upgraded to Virgin Media which uses 802.11n but the router also supports 802.11g and the A7 is working just fine.