Can more than one person use it? What if my wife and I both want to track our weights independently? How does it know who it is weighing?

WiFi body scale by Withings

WiFi body scale by Withings

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    Yes; one scale can automatically recognise up to 8 different users.

    You can create different accounts for each of the scale's users. That way, each user can consult his/her own dashboard, which is protected by a password.

    It recognizes automatically the user by the weight differential. If several people have similar weights, the scale asks the user to confirm the name associated with the current measurement (you just have to step on the side of the scale bearing the name of the correct user).

  • Setting up several accounts for the same scale
    It is important to understand the difference between an account and a user profile. An account can concern 1 to 8 user profiles.
    An account is defined by the email and password used to access your personal space. All the user profiles linked to a specific account systematically share data (there is no possibility of restricting access to data of the different profiles within the same account).
    You can use the same scale for several accounts. This enables each account to have private access to his/her dashboard and avoids sharing data with other users of the same scale.
    There are two ways to create an additional user account for the same scale:
    1. If you are not a registered user of the scale (you do not have a profile): create a user account (if you do not have one) at and then install a new scale, specifying that your scale is already configured for WIFI and follow the online registration process.
    2. If you are already a registered user of the scale: ask the account holder to make you "independent". To do this, he must select your user profile and click on "Info" and then "Make independent". He must then enter your email. You will receive an email asking you to define a password.