Can it detect BP for people with atrial fibrillation?

Does it record blood pressure for people with irregular heart rhythm?

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

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    I have been diagnosed with a-fib since last December. I have owned the ihealth bp monitor since last April. The monitor does give bp readings which mirror the readings at my doctor appointments. The series of home readings has been used by my cardio doctor to help determine treatment for me. The heart rate portion of the machine helped determine that I have a-fib. I am in regular rhythm some of the time, and in a -fib part of the time. When in a-fib the heart rate part of the monitor readout is all over the map and usually in the low one hundreds. When not in a-fib, the monitor readout gives normal readings. By chance I was in normal rhythm at the doctor, but the bp home monitor readings for rate got them to look closer and found the a-fib. I have been happy with the iHealth bp monitor. I hope this has been useful for you. I am also happy that a-fib is easy to treat.