Can it be used in the water ( SWIMMING POOL) ??

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

Product No Longer Available

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    It is 'water resistant', not 'waterproof'. Small splashes, washing your hands, etc, and you are covered, but swimming is not a 'small splash' and the FuelBand will flood and likely be damaged beyond what a bag if rice can possibly fix. I never wear mine in the shower because of the possibility of it being flooded with the hot soapy water.

    So the answer is no.

    I think Nike missed a large specialized market if the FuelBand was waterproof. Who knows, possibly the next version will be...

  • It can be used in the shower or in the rain but not in the swimming pool. I even wouldn't use it in the shower but it is possible. If you want more info the best place to find out is on the nike website not on the apple website.