Can ibank run multiple accounts...I do my mom's book, my own and two businesses

iBank 4

iBank 4

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    Yes - you can set up multiple accounts in iBank, with as much flexibility as you need. Each real-world account can be tracked separately (checking, credit card, loan, etc.), and you can group related accounts (personal, mom, business 1, etc.) if you choose.

    For even more control, you may create separate iBank documents for each person or business. So all of your personal accounts may be in one document, your mother's in another, and have separate document for each business, for instance. Further, you can have separate passwords for each document (if, say, you had a bookkeeper who had permission to access the accounts for just one business). In turn, you can sync each document wirelessly to a separate iOS device using iBank Mobile (available from the App Store) - personal accounts to your iPhone, a business document to your iPad, and so on - for entering transactions and tracking balances on the go.