can i wear it on my ankle?

im not aloud to wear jewlery at work so if i put ot on my ankel tomhide will i still get the same results?

Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand

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    Yes. I wear mine on my ankle when I go spinning. It registers just fine. I need to add the extra link in it to wear on my ankle.

  • Yes, this would work if you wear it on the ankle. By reading the Q&A section on the Nike website some people are doing this when they either run, or use the elliptical to track the movement in a more accurate way.

    One detail I would see is that, unless your ankle is the same size as your wrist, it might not fit. The Nike Fuel band comes with two links (one 8mm and a 16mm one), so you might be able to make it fit with that. And some people are wearing it without "hooking it" (like an ankle bracelet)

    As far as getting "the same" results. The answer is: no. It measures acceleration, so you will never get the same exacts results up to the single calorie on the ankle vs. the wrist. You would, however, get results, and especially if you use that consistently on the ankle, then the results are comparable.

  • Sorry. Too small. Perhaps a XL if ankle is very thin. However, for the average person. No.

  • I suppose if your ankle is small enough to fit it. You just won't enjoy the benefits of reading your stats from the device. It would still measure your activity.