Can I watch Netflix movies using my iPad along with the netflix app and the composite AV cable?

Apple Composite AV Cable

Apple Composite AV Cable

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  • That's exactly what I do now, by connecting my iPad via the composite cable to my home-theater receiver's auxiliary input.

    The composite cable package also includes a USB cable, which can plug into a spare charging block and allow you to watch Netflix without draining your iPad battery.

    You scroll through Netflix options on your iPad app, and you control the film (play/pause/stop) from the iPad app as well. But when the film starts playing, it automatically is displayed on your TV.

    I must adjust the aspect ratio of my Sony TV from "Normal" to "Full" to get the movies to fill the screen properly, but that's the only fiddling required. The streaming audio/video quality is good, though not quite HDTV good.