can i use time capsule with sky m/router

i have to use sky equipment to connect to the internet .can i disable the wireless part and use time capsule for wireless how do set this up?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can use your time capsule in addition to your Sky router but not instead of it. SImply attach the time capsule with an ethernet cable and then use the setup utility to setup the time capsule as a wireless router for your house. You can then choose to either join the Sky router or the Apple router for your internet connection. Using the Time Capsule gives you access to faster N wireless speeds that most Sky routers don't use yet.

  • First install the software to your computer from the included CD. Remove CD. Yes, disable the sky wireless and connect Ethernet cable from modem port of sky to Ethernet WAN port of TC. Open your newly installed AirPort Utility and follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup of network.

  • do you mean your sky router that you got to set up your internet?
    ive just got the time capsule 1T and ive got sky broadband too.
    i dont think you can unplug the router as you still need this to connect to the internet.
    i tried this too and realised this wouldnt work, the TC isnt designed to be a wireless router by itself, it needs the Sky router to connect to the net ect.
    but what you can do is set up another wireless guest network which lets everything work seamlessly but personally i havent found any difference to the way that works with how my sky worked before.