Can I use this with Facetime on my 4S

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

Bose® Bluetooth Headset Series II - Right Ear

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    Yes. The Bose Bluetooth ear piece Series 2 will work with all features of iPhone 4S and it does sound great. I've had mine now for 2 years. HOWEVER I've had consistent connection problems: the Bose will drop the connection to my iPhone 4S many times throughout any given day. It almost always takes several tries to get the Bose to be recognized by iPhone and even after it says it's connected the A2DP will not always work — I then have turn it off and try again or restart iPhone to get A2DP audio. Lastly the connection to iPhone is frequently knocked out by my airport extreme network as well as my MacPro 8-Core  built-in bluetooth (I use bluetooth mouse & keyboard) or even an outside source (like a passing taxi sending a dispatch signal). If I turn wi-fi off on iPhone, using only cellular then the problem is lessoned. This is all extremely frustrating, time consuming and continues to get worse. This is only offset by the fact that when it does work — it sounds great, really great plus the convenience & freedom from earphones with cords is priceless - you'll never want to use regular earphones again.

    P. S. these same problems are NOT experienced when using the Bose with iPad — the Bose performs flawlessly including A2DP audio with no trouble connecting to iPad and no spontaneous disconnects — which makes me think it's the iPhone 4S and not the Bose. 

    My recommendation: make sure you can return if not satisfied. Or, also take a look at the BlueAnt Q2, an excellent product also with A2DP. I owned an earlier model BlueAnt without A2DP…the only feature it was missing - its still performing perfectly and even the older BlueAnt has features the Bose Series 2 is still missing.