Can i use this to hook it up to my rockband 3 keyboard?

iRig MIDI Interface

iRig MIDI Interface

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • I believe the Rockband 3 keyboard controllers have a midi out port -- certainly the Madkatz 'keytar' does and there are videos on YouTube showing it controlling other midi devices.

  • ABSOLUTELY YES! As long as you have the 30-pin "old" dock connector (i.e. not an iPhone 5 or iPad 4 or other with the new stupid "lightning" connector) but any iPhone 4, 4s, 3gs, iPad 1, 2, 3, iPod touch 3rd gen + I have used it on all of these devices successfully with the Rockband 3 keytar-style keyboard. Even modded the heck out of my keyboard, gave it a black and red paint job to separate it from the easily identifiable game controllers, circuit bent the pitch ribbon/ mod sensor "overdrive" silliness, slapped on some industrial strength Velcro tape to the neck and the back of a case for my iPod....use a soft-synth app like Animoog or Thumbjam or Nanostudio for the voice with enabled background audio, then use the app MIDI bridge to route another app called "iBend" to my synth app, and my iPod is not only the voice of my synth but a full size, touchscreen pitch/mod XY controller. Not specifically trying to hawk those apps or anything, no benefit for me doing that...point is that I know I've barely scratched the surface on this well-kept secret....You can have a Kick @rz, fully functional, stage/recording worthy keytar cheaper than anyone at Guitar Center's willing to admit. You spend about $40 for the keyboard on craigslist, $200 for an iPod touch (that's high-balling it, I've seen them at pawn shops cheaper) $8-$50 for pro-quality synth apps (get a couple they are all very different), and if you want to be adventurous, $20 for spray paint and a free weekend with a lot of nice weather and patience. BAM, you've taken a step toward being greatly unappreciated, the rear end of all band jokes, and a bombardment of spite and vitriol from the gear snobs and old timers who want to kill anyone with an iPod on principle. The girls love it though :)