can i use this to connect to my mac wireless in my house to a LG TV whic has a USB to sream movies,music, etc.

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    If I'm understanding this correctly, you want to plug this adapter into your TV and use it to connect to your wireless network?

    If so, then no, you can't.

    The USB port on your TV is usually for either firmware updates or playing music, photos, etc, off of a thumb drive. It's not used to connect devices. And even if it were, it's very unlikely your TV would have the drivers to USE a networking cable.

    And even if it COULD, it's extraordinarily doubtful that it'd have the configuration utilities to be able to configure a network.

    And lastly, this is a wired ethernet adapter. You can't use it to connect to a wireless network, only a hard-wire network.

    So, no.

  • Nope, computers only.