Can I use this product with a Mac book pro?

  • Asked by Philip G from Camp Pendleton
  • Jan 23, 2010


Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • Not in any practical sense. This is a PCI Express expansion card - only Mac Pros have that type of expansion slot. But, *if* you have a MacBook with an ExpressCard34 expansion slot, you could buy a ExpressCard-to-PCIe breakout box for around US$800.

    In your situation, it would be far less expensive and much more practical to simply purchase one of the many products with a FireWire or USB2 interface, such as the Grass Valley/Canopus series of external converter boxes.

    • Answered by Matthew R from Santa Fe
    • Jan 30, 2011
  • Best Answer:

    Unfortunatily I think this card is for towers only! I dont think the MacBook Pro has sufficient room for it! I think Blackmagic Design has an breakout box that can be used with laptops!

    • Answered by Bill C
    • Apr 14, 2010